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1DogSports is a complete online management solution for canine clubs.
It offers membership, online entries, scoring app, live results and more.

for canine organisations

  • Canine Associations
  • Dog Shows Organisations
  • Dog Sports Leagues
  • Kennel Clubs
  • Sanctioning Bodies
  • Sports Federations
  • Secretary Services
  • Entry Services
  • Scoring Services
  • Dog Show Services
  • Show Managers
  • Single Event Managers





Quick Registration & Memberships

Onboard new members with minimum efforts.

Offer your own handler membership and dog registration types to dog owners, receive online+offline payments, automate renewals. 

Easy Online Entries

Keep track of your participants easily.

Publish your competition, show or trial. Receive entries and payments online. View and produce secretary printouts.

Show Process & Secretary

Automate every step of your event preparation.

Consult entries received online, add manual entries. Edit, cancel and refund any entry, in needed.

Produce PDF printouts for participants and starters list.

Comprehensive Member-only Area

Provide relevant under-login features.

For Handlers, Organisers and Judges

Powerful Scoring App

Manage every aspect of your event competition.

Setups, printouts, ring manager, scoring, judges e-signatures, live results and rankings.

On desktop and laptop computers, smartphones and tablets of any operating system and web browser.

Works online + offline with automatic data synch.

Trial Gamification

Engage competitors.

Pre and post competition game-like features

Simple & Easy Web Pages Editor

Edit informative pages with our Content Management System.

Customise your organisation events homepage, informative webpages, publish latest news, send newsletter.

No need to hire a web designer or developer anymore! 

Useful Back Office

Manage relevant data of your competitions circuit.

Access your own administration with dashboards, tables, reporting and exports

to oversee any aspect of your operations.


From publishing events to results, the competition process is automated


Already use Excel or databases? Activate only the features you need


Tested on thousands of competitors and multiple trials at the same time


We provide API to integrate your third party applications to our solution


#1: On


Ideal for individual dog training centres that organise one or a few small events.


Your event will be published on Events section. See it here.

From our Admin backend you will manage all your event aspects.

#1: On  your site

(white label)

Our white label solution is ideal for kennel clubs, sanctioning bodies and special event organisers that run dog competition leagues.


It will be easily accessible on, set up with your organisation logo, language, currency and content.


For dogs, events, event entries, results and rankings we apply your official Rules.

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