semplifica l'organizzazione dei tuoi eventi cinofili

1DogSports è un sistema gestionale di livello aziendale per kennel club, enti ed organizzazioni di sport cinofili e servizi di segreteria.
Supporta il tuo personale semplificando ed automatizzando ogni aspetto organizzativo dei tuoi eventi cinofili.



Simple and powerful metrics to show your organisation activity.



Define which user types you need: competitors, show managers, clubs, judges.

View, update and create accounts for each user type.

Activate/deactivate accounts with one click to grand/block access to the platform.

dati dei cani e

passaggi di livello

Keep your members dogs database in perfect order. Search, filter and open each dog profile to check their level, height and results.


Customise dogs parameters according to your organisation official Rules.

Keep track of competition results and automatic level progression.

gestione eventi e iscrizioni

Create dog shows on behalf of show managers or allow them to create new events themselves.

Set up each event quickly by adding: daily schedule, available competition classes, rings and judges and much more.

Customise entries for each event with different pricing schemes and additional product/services to sell.  



Access every transaction made by your users for entering events, buying memberships and topping up their wallet. 


pagine web

Customise texts and images of your 1DogSports homepage and other informative pages with our Content Management System (CMS). 

For few informative pages, you will have no more need for WordPress, Joomla, web designers and developers!

FUNZIONA sul sito web


Our white label solution is ideal for kennel clubs, sanctioning bodies and special event organisers that run dog competition leagues.


It will be easily accessible on, set up with your organisation logo, language, currency and content.


For dogs, events, event entries, results and rankings we apply your official Rules.

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