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1DogSports is a complete online management solution for dog sporting event organisers.

It offers user memberships, dog registration, event online entries, competition scoring app and much more.

for ANY TYPE OF DOG organisation

  • Canine associations
  • Dog show organisations
  • Dog sport federations
  • Dog-friendly event promoters
  • Kennel clubs
  • Pet care retailers


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1DogSports membership plan screenshot

Registration and Memberships

Use customised online registration forms to onboard new dog owners, handlers, dogs and club managers to your organisation.

Sell memberships online. Each membership can be configured with any rule, i.e. valid to enter only Agility trials in year 2023.

Our membership system allows simple and complex membership setups.

Online Entries

Receive entries and payments for any type of event sanctioned by your organisation, i.e. for agility trials, obedience exams and workshops.


Customise and automate the entry process, i.e. by allowing only same or higher jump heights.


With our entry system you can also sell and propose extra services, i.e. camping slots, merchandise and event volunteers application.

1DogSports entry widget screenshot
1dogsports show process and secretary screenshot

Show Process and Secretary

Automate every step of your event preparation.

Staff from your organisation, club managers and event secretaries can access entries received online, add entries received via offline channels, i.e. bank transfer., refund entries for cancelled events.

Our platform makes participants list and running orders automatically available online.

Members Area

Provide under-login features for your registered members, i.e. My dogs, My dogs handlers, My entries, My transactions.

Each user type (i.e. dog owner, club manager) has its own dedicated environment.

Our members area is easily accessibile from mobile devices.

1DogSports member area screenshot
1DogSports scoring software and app screenshot

Scoring Software and App

Manage every aspect of your dog sporting event competition in live mode.

Setup judges and rings, scribe runs. Automatically disseminate results and rankings across multiple channels.

Operate simultaneously from desktop, laptop, tablet and smartphones devices of any operating system and with any web browser.

Our competition app works online + offline thanks to automatic data synch if the internet connection drops.

Back Office (Admin)

Allow your staff to access and manage any aspect of your organisation core dat thanks to dashboards, tables and reports. Examples are:


- Changing a dog from Agility Beginner/Large to Agility Advanced/Large;


- Assigning a membership to a dog owner, adding a run to an entry;

- Finding a payment finalised with direct debit.

You can export your data in easy-to-share .csv format.

1DogSports back office admin screenshot

1dogsports is AVAILABLE

branded: On

Ideal for individual dog training centres that organise one or a few events.


Your event will be published on Events section. See it here.

white label: On your domain

Ideal for dog sports federations, kennel clubs, sanctioning bodies and special event organisers with a regional, national or international event circuit/league.


Our solution is provided to your organisation as SaaS (Software as a Service), available on your subdomain, i.e. (no software installation required).


From onboarding members to competition results


Use the features you need by activating specific modules


Scalable and rolled out to thousands of recurring users


API connectivity to receive and send data to external systems

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