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fci compatible*

dog show system

1DogSports offers a web + app solution for kennel clubs running rules similar to those of the Federation Cynologique Internationale*.

It works on top of your existing IT infrastructure or as a stand alone system.
* This product is not affiliated nor promoted by the FCI. Read full disclaimer below

easy integration

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Works on top of your system

As an established Kennel Club you might already have an Information Technology system running across your departments, e.g. members and dogs database, sanctioned events database.

Our solution can be easily plugged on top of your systems, pulling data rom it via Restful APIs.

If your systems are outdated and need to be replaced, our solution can also act as main system.

multi sport

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Dog Agility, Obedience & more

Dog Agility and Obedience modules are already developed. We also have capabilities to define modules for the following additional dog sports: Canicross and Rally Obedience (Rally-O).

web pages cms


Simple, beautiful webpages

Edit informative pages with our Content Management System.

Customise your organisation events homepage, informative webpages, publish latest news, send newsletter.

No need to hire a web designer or developer anymore! 


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Onboard new users quickly

Our system allows your organisation to onboard dog owners and handlers with few clicks. They can add their own dogs and, if needed, other handlers.

If you already have an existing member database, we can implement automatic validation controls to avoid duplicated or wrong entries.


Online payment is also available, in case you request an upfront payment. 



Member-only features

Dog owners access their dogs, dog handlers and event entries. If your kennel club runs progression point leagues, we can also show the progression history.

Clubs access their events and the list of handlers competing under their name. Each event can include multiple trials, official trials and open trials.

entry system


Online entries

Handlers can easily enter an event with one or more dogs. Our system can manage online payment with PayPal and Stripe integration.

Clubs receive online entries in their back office. They can add/edit any entry. 

scoring software


Setup & Scribe

After a quick setup for the dog agility and obedience trials, the club user can easily input results from a web interface.

Results and rankings are published in real time on the event result page.

mobile app


Android & iOS

We have developed effective mobile native apps that allow handlers and club user to perform the most needed tasks.


Users can easily enter events and pay online or check the latest results and rankings.

admin back office


Manage your organisation

All data managed on the platform is available on a quick business interface.

See dog owners, handlers, dogs, pairs, clubs, events, entries, payments and more.


If you represent a local dog association with a need for more simple features, we might have the right product for you, see it here

If you represent a national organisation with a need for more advanced features, our hi-end solution could make the case, see it here

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  • nor its parent company Kanito S.r.l. is affiliated with the FCI (Federation Cynologique Internationale)

  • We don't have any endorsement from the FCI for this product

  • This solution is currently supplied to the Italian Kennel Club ENCI (Ente Nazionale Cinofilia Italiana), an FCI member, under the name of "ENCI Sport" (official dog sports entry and scoring system of the Italian Kennel Club). Visit

  • We can customise this solution for your needs, please contact us.


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