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payments online
for YOUR DOG event

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1DogSports is a flexible payment system
for conformation shows, dog trials and dog sports competitions.

It speeds up the collection of any amount due.

payments FEATURES

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At checkout, users can choose amonth these payment methods:

Pay now: bank cards or Direct Debit.

Pay with wallet: credit available on member accounts.

Pay later: enter events now and pay within a deadline.

Our platform allows you to activate/deactivate any payment method whenever you want to.

1DogSports pay now  screenshot
Pay now

We use payment processor. Money is received on your Stripe account. You can then transfer the money to your bank acccount, net of Stripe transaction fees.

1DogSports pay with wallet screenshot
Pay with Wallet

Each member account comes with an electronic wallet. Members can top up their account once and use the available credit to enter multiple events or to buy memberships.

1DogSports pay later screenshot
Pay Later

Members can ente an event or activate a membership right away. An outstanding payment is created. System reminds member to pay. It can also withdraw funds automatically.

advanced payment TOOLS
TO collect YOUR amounts

Offer modern online payment methods such as Direct Debit and electronic wallet.

Your members will perceive your services as top level. Your operations will proceed smooth, fast and precise.

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