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DOG SPORting events 

1DogSports is a multi-sport live scoring software and app
for dog sporting events.

It speeds up the tasks of secretaries, ring managers, scribes and judges.

scoring FEATURES

1dogsports scoring app home.png

Event Overview

Access relevant information regarding your trial: rings, classes, judges and entries.


Runs are automatically allocated to each class, level and category, i.e. Agility Snooker / Beginners / Small.

Our scoring app requires no manual setup!

Rings View

Each ring shows the classes and the number of runs entered.

You can access related lists such as the participant list and the running orders.

Our app easily provides you with any relevant information regarding the competition!

1dogsports scoring app ring view.png
1dogsports scoring app class view.png

Class View

Each class shows the entries grouped by the sport parameters setup based on your oganisation rules, i.e. by level, category, jump height.

You can access the class setup and then start scribing each run.

Our solution can be used by multiple users simultaneously!

1dogsports scoring app class view.png
Desktop/ laptop mode

Secretary staff can use any screen conveniently.

1dogsports scoring app scribe mobile.png
Tablet/ smartphone mode

Ring managers, scribe managers and judges can use relevant screens from their mobile device.

1dogsports scoring app offline mode detail.png
Online + Offline synch

Keep using our app even if the internet connection suddenly drops.

1dogsports scoring app class setup.png

Class Setup

Each sport has its own class setup screen, i.e.:

- Agility and Jumping: lenght, SCT

- Agility Games: obstacles, points

- Obedience: exercises, coefficients

The parameters input change dynamically depending on how your sport is configured on our platform.

Once the setup is completed, the class runs are ready to be scribed.

Our app speeds up the trial runs setup process!


Each sport has itws own results input screen, i.e.

- Agility and Jumping: errors, refusals, time

Agility Games: obstacle points, times

Obedience: exercise points or grade, comments.

Some input elements change dynamically depending on how your sport is set up on our platform.

Our scoring solution helps your secretary and ring staff  with providing quick and reliable results.

1dogsports scoring app scribe mobile.png
1dogsports scoring app runs order detail.png
Multiple running order sorting

Choose if a class runs should be drafted by entry order, random order or based on ranking from another class.

1dogsports scoring app class status detail.png
Automatic class status

Status can change, i.e. from Setup to Running, depending on your actions and data entry on specific screens.

1dogsports scoring app class setup detail.png
Dynamic interfaces

Some screens, i.e. class setup and scribe, loads input elements depending our your organisation sport rules. results.png

Live Results

As soon as each run is scribed, results are available on the event results screen.

Points and rankings are updated and dissiminated on each relevant user touchpoint.

live data disseminated across rings staff and competitors

Stop using third party scoring software solutions that are not connected with your organisation I.T. systems.

Event staff members and Competitors will be more involved.

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