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scale your dog event organisation

1DogSports is a multi-language, multi-sport platform for dog associations, canine sport leagues and kennel club organisations.

Its features easily adapt to your organisation official rules and guidelines.

other features

Our dog event platform can be easily customised and set up based on how you manage your official events.

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Sport Parameters Setup

As a one-time action, we set up classes, levels and categories of each sport managed by your organisation, i.e.:

- Classes: Agility, Jumping, Gamblers, Snooker 

- Levels: Beginners, Medium, Advanced

- Jump Heigh Categories: Small, Medium, Large

- Jump Height Categories: 20cm, 30cm, 40cm, 50cm

- Exercises: Recall (coeff. 2), Long sit (coeff. 3)

1dogsports back office languages.png

English, Dutch and Italian are available. We can translate our platform in your language.

1dogsports back office languages document.png
Documents Management

Dog owners, handlers and your organisation members can upload any type of document, i.e. a health certificate. Each document can be assigned to a dog owner, handler or dog. The document repository is available in the Back Office.

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