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1DogSports is a powerful membership system
for dog kennel clubs.

It allows your organisation to strengthen relationship
with dog owners and affiliated clubs.

memberships FEATURES

User Registration

Offer customised online signup forms to onboard new dog owners, dog handlers and club managers.

Dog owner and handler accounts are linked to dogs they own and dogs they compete with.

Club manager accounts are linked to the club they manage.

1DogSports user registrationscreenshot
1DogSports dog registration screenshot

Dog Registration

Sell one or more registration types for dogs, ie valid annually or lifetime.

Dog owners can purchase a registration for their dog  from their private area.


The renewal process can be automated.


Sell a variety of memberships. Each membership can activate specific services to selected user types. Rules logic can be simple and complex, i.e.:


- Membership that allows handlers to enter only Agility events in the year 2023.


- Membership that allows club managers to organise up to 10 obedience trials between March and December 2023.

Users can purchase memberships from their member area.

1DogSports membership screenshot
1DogSports member area for dog owners and handlers screenshot

Member Area for Dog Owners and Handlers

Provide dog owners and handlers with a dedicated environment to access the dogs they own, dogs they compete with, events they entered, active memberships, their wallet balance and their payments history.

Each of their dogs can be set up for each sport they compete, i.e.:

- Agility Beginner/Small

- Obedience Advanced

- Retrieving Medium


Member Area for Club Managers

Provide club managers with a dedicated environment to access their active memberships, their wallet balance and their payments history.

Each club manager account is linked to the club they manage.

1DogSports member area for club managers screenshot
1DogSports back office for club managers screenshot

Back Office for Club Managers

Club managers have access to their "Club Manager", a comprehensive Back Office environment to manage any data linked to their club, i.e.:


Dog owners, handlers and dogs that are member of their club;

Events they organise, online entries and transactions.

Your organisation can oversee clubs data from its own Back Office.


Back Office Administration

1DogSports Back Office is an enterprise-level management system that covers every aspect

of your Kennel Club/Organisation events.

Our platform is robust, scalable and flexible at detail level. We can meet virtually any customisation requirement based on your competitions official Rules. 

1DogSports back office administration screenshot

User can be set up in the Back Office. You can manage competitors, their memberships, dogs, event entries and transactions.

1DogSports back office dashboard screenshot


Establish your organisation as a top reference in dog sports events:

  • Offer entries directly on your website

  • Run the competition from your mobile devices

  • Publish live results and updates of anything going on in each ring

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