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1DogSports is an online management software solution for kennel clubs, dog shows managers, dog sports organisations and secretary services.
It empowers your staff by simplifying and automating every administration task.


Members Management

Define which user types you need: dog owners, club managers, judges.

View, update and create accounts for each user type.

Activate/deactivate accounts with one click to grand/block access to the platform.

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Dogs Data & Progression

Keep your members dogs database in perfect order. Search, filter and open each dog profile to check their level, height and results.


Customise dogs parameters according to your organisation official Rules.

Keep track of competition results and automatic level progression.

Payments Options

Set up which payment methods you wish to offer to your members:


  • For credit/debit cards payments we use payment processor. Money is received directly on your bank account, net of Stripe transaction fees to be paid directly to Stripe (lowest fees in the market). We do not retain any amount or fee. You can opt to cover the fees or pass them along to members.

  • Electronic wallet is a convenient way to allow competitors topping up their account once and use their available credit to enter multiple events. 

Offline: you can configure our system to ​keep track of bank, cash or cheque transactions.

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Payment Management

Access every payment made by your members for entering events, buying memberships and topping up their wallet. 

Search for outstanding payments (not yet paid), filter transactions by type, user, date.

Outstanding payments are automatically marked as paid if members pays online. Administrators can mark them as paid if members pay by bank, cash or cheque.

Wallet Transactions

Every purchase made by your users using their wallet credit is visibile on your administration.

Search for a specific transactions by filtering by type (ie dog membership), member name, date.

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Outstanding Payments

Administrators have full control of purchases still to be paid by a member, ie membership, dog registration or event entry.

Mark an outstanding payment as paid, edit payment terms, items purchased, or delete it.


System can automatically perform refund for any recorded transaction.

For purchases paid with wallet credit, system automatically top back up the necessary amount.

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Access a one-page with your organisation financial highlights: online transactions, payments received by bank, cash or cheque, and refunds.


Quickly see how many memberships you sold and how much money went in.

Export all the necessary data in .csv format for further analysis.


Simple and powerful metrics to show your organisation activity.

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Our white label solution is ideal for kennel clubs, sanctioning bodies and special event organisers that run dog competition leagues.


It will be easily accessible on, set up with your organisation logo, language, currency and content.


For dogs, events, event entries, results and rankings we apply your official Rules.

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