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1DogSports is a modern dog show process software solution
for show managers and secretary services.
It simplifies the work between sanctioning bodies and show managers.


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Event Creation

Create, publish and manage all the events sanctioned by your organisation.

You can allow clubs members of your organisation to create their own events, then your administrators can publish them on the public portal with a click.

For each dog show you can set up timetable, classes, optional services (camping, helpers and merchandise), judges and rings.


System will automatically configure the entry system for the participants, the show process screens, PDF printouts and the scoring system for the show manager.

The Club/Show Manager can also access the list of events organised by them.

Entries Management

Once show is published online and entries are open, your staff can access the entries received from the online channel.

It's possibile to add entries manually, for those handlers not entering online, or for those handlers who entered online with Pay Later option.

All the event management tools are accessible by the Organisation Administrators and also by the Club/Show Manager. This allows real time team work online without time consuming manual exchange of Excel files and Word docs..



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Screenshot 2020-04-30 at 17.05.02.png

System shows from which channel each entry was received: online (portal), offline (email, paper, phone).

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Deleted entries

Administrator and Show Manager can delete entries. These will still be visibile on a dedicated section.

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Camping, Help and Merchandise

Keep track of those participants who purchased optional services valid on a specific day of the event or for all days.

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Refunds for Cancelled Event

If event must be cancelled and all participants must be reimbursed, administrators and show managers can perform a one-click action, which will:

  • Remove the event from the portal

  • Put money back into participants wallets

  • Delete any unpaid outstanding payment

Participants will see the reimbursement on their transaction history.

Pdf printouts

System offers a standard set of documents to use for administrative and secretary purposes.

We constantly update them and add new templates.

If your organisation needs a fully customised set of documents, please let us know and we will work out a solution together.

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Screenshot 2020-04-30 at 17.43.21.png
Participant list

Event participants divided by class, level and category

Screenshot 2020-04-30 at 17.41.23.png
Running Orders

Starting orders divided by class, level and category

Screenshot 2020-04-30 at 17.42.12.png
Ring Plan

Ring plan divided by ring, class, level and category.



AND show managers 

No more manual work with Excel and Word documents, local databases and emails.

Show Managers will recognise your organisation with top efficiency.




Our branded solution is ideal for individual dog training centres that organise one or a few small events.


Your event will be published on Events section. See it here.

You manage the event from the Back Office.


(white label)

Our white label solution is ideal for kennel clubs, sanctioning bodies and special event organisers that run dog competition leagues.


It will be easily accessible on, set up with your organisation logo, language, currency and content.


For dogs, events, event entries, results and rankings we apply your official Rules.

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